The term coaching is overused and diluted in our culture. Elmry’s definition of coaching is to give clients the opportunity to become a better version of themselves. The process involves asking questions, deep, introspective questions to uncover understanding and clarity. This can apply to an individual, team, or organization. Our heart is to foster growth and development. The reality is this type of growth leads to creativity, ingenuity, efficiency, and profitability. When a machine works more efficiently, it produces more product. We seek to promote the same understanding and growth on a personal and organizational level to our clients. Elmry provides only three services, delivering exceptional service in the follow ways:

Executive/Leadership Coaching:

Individual coaching creates the space for a person to ask the important questions overlooked in business today. What do I have to offer? Am I worth to be a leader? How do I bring value to my role, team, and company? What is my vocational purpose? How do I live it our daily in the office? These engagements serve individuals interested in their growth as a person and leader, leading to professional growth. Engagements start as 6-month coaching engagement involving weekly interactions, emphasizing self-awareness leading to action items to promote growth and instill new habits.

Leadership Labs

People learn from doing, not listening. Leadership labs create opportunities for teams and organizations to grow in their leadership abilities. Topics include self-leadership, managing teams, delegation, talent development, and communication. These half or full day labs utilize learning new ideas, applying the knowledge to real scenarios, and creating action items to turn intellectual knowledge into real workplace change.

Team Labs

A well running team can be more important than vision, products, and leadership. Two thirds of business involves people, yet many struggle to work smoothly and efficiently with others. Team labs build a foundation of trust and safety necessary for communication, brainstorming, conflict, and efficiency. Increased team communication increase culture, employee satisfaction, and profitability, for a sound team creates space for efficiency, creativity, and ingenuity.

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