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How to Be Noticed for your Next Promotion

Everyone knows that person who constantly talks about the accounts they landed, projects they lead, accolades received, etc. These people are regularly on the minds of leadership, yet often not in the desired way. Many feel jealous of these individuals, for  humans have a bias towards receiving attention. Sadly, this bias rarely separates positive attention vs negative attention.

A childhood example of negative attention comes from elementary school. Most classes had a “class clown” that was constantly the center of attention of the teacher, fellow students, and even administration. They succeeded in gaining attention, without caring if the attention was positive or negative. Some individuals still function this way as adults seeking to gain recognition in businesses. Many clients I’ve talked with struggle to feel noticed in lieu of one of these people.

The challenge of many employees revolves around how to gain beneficial recognition in companies in lieu of these “louder” individuals. Let’s look at three ways to gain positive recognition for your next promotion.

1. Be a team Player. The belief that big “wins” will lead to a promotion may have been true years ago where the highest grossing salesperson became the sales manager. However, business has grown, realizing a great doer does not make a great manager. The role of a manager focuses on managing a team, and it also regularly involves performing tasks necessary to get a job done. This means being a team player, helping where help is needed, rather than only working in one’s expertise. When a need arises that is not your “sweet spot” and you possess the necessary knowledgeable, and you have the time in your schedule, be a team player and do what needs to be done. Management may not say something to you, but they sees this as integral aspect to becoming a great leader.

2. Do not over commit. Do you know a ‘yes’ person? That individual who says yes whenever help is asked for, or something needs done. This person holds the false perception that saying ‘yes’ to everything gives them positive attention. What often happens is they over commit themselves, miss deadlines, forgot about tasks, and more. This negative attention leads perfectly into number 3.

3. Follow through on commitments. This parallels number 2, do not over commit, as they often work in tandem. A business mentor once asked me the most important tenant in business: his answer was simple, ‘follow through.’ One can have the best meeting with a client or on the cusp to close a huge deal, but if they neglect to follow through with action steps, everything falls apart. This lack of follow through creates significant damage to their career. One who gains a reputation for lacking follow through will not be asked into important meetings or key jobs, and seen as someone unable to move up the ladder if they can’t perform their current job well.

There we have it, three ways to be noticed for your next promotion. Be a team player, do not over commit, and follow through on commitments. The ideas are simply in theory, yet to live them out daily challenges even seasoned professionals. Individuals noticed for promotion work with consistency, being supportive to their co-workers and greater goal of the organization.

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