Many organizations struggle allocating the necessary time to develop employees within the company. Managers struggle with the time and skills necessary to cultivate leadership abilities within individuals. CKSimon Consulting specializes in launching the development of employees, elevating leaders to the next step in their career. Partnering with an outside organization, such as CKSimon Consulting, creates the safety necessary for individuals to face hindrances to growth. When paired with knowledgeable and experienced coaches, individuals begin to blossom into the leader they desire to be.

Optimized leaders create powerful team cultures, leading to creative thought, collaborative initiatives, and increased productivity. CKSimon Consulting aspires to partner with organizations to create a brighter tomorrow with leadership dialed into their skills and aware of their limitations, creating a culture where innovation abounds.


Six Month Coaching Engagement:

Foster progression of innate abilities as leaders and create opportunities for growth by providing tangible tasks.

  • First 4 months – 2x monthly 75-90 minute coaching sessions, 10 minute touch point between sessions
  • 5th and 6th month – 1x monthly 75-90 minute coaching session, 10 minute touch point monthly
  • Additional long-term coaching available

360 Experiences

Facilitate optimization of 360 report and review feedback to maximize effectiveness of report data in coaching process. Supports selection of 15-30 raters in four categories: manager, peer, reports, and other.

Strategic Initiatives:

Individual intensives to catapult the development journey. Half to full day intensive designed to break through difficult barriers hindering growth.