How I Conquered Work-Life Balance

Two weeks ago I posted a picture of myself with my youngest in a baby carrier while working in my home office. (This post can be found on LinkedIn here.) The moment sparked a powerful reflection on my attempt to juggle work-life balance, and how terrible of a job I felt I have been doing. […]

Leading Difficult People

One Powerful Solution to Leading Difficult People

A common question I receive from those I coach is how to manage difficult team members, including millennials. The reason this question arises frequently is simple: leading people is hard! Every individuals is unique, responds to different styles, prefers different communication, and more. After working with leaders for years, one powerful solution exists to help you […]

Frustrated at Work

3 Ways to Leave Work at the Office

Throughout my career I’ve struggled leaving work at the office. When I ran an addiction treatment center, the challenges of days regularly followed me home whether it was questioning what I did with a certain client, formulating a plan for the next day, or running through tough conversations needed with my employees. I know I’m […]

Accept Your Dark Side

How to Accept Your Dark Side

Everyone has a dark side. You know what I’m talking about – that part of your personality you try to hide from others. Whether it’s when you get flustered, stressed, bored, disengaged or some other trigger, and another side of you takes over. The next acts can vary: you interrupt others, speak boldly, step on […]

How to Be Yourself at Work

Many articles, blogs, and books describe the “right” way to be a strong employee, effective manager, etc. Let’s be honest, there are a variety of skills, techniques, and experience influence one’s effectiveness in the workplace. Just applying new technique, management style, or latest business catchphrase often creates minimal impact. I approach personal effectiveness in the […]

Team Player

How to Be Noticed for your Next Promotion

Everyone knows that person who constantly talks about the accounts they landed, projects they lead, accolades received, etc. These people are regularly on the minds of leadership, yet often not in the desired way. Many feel jealous of these individuals, for  humans have a bias towards receiving attention. Sadly, this bias rarely separates positive attention […]


3 Ways to Empower Your Team to Take Initiative

One of the opportunities of leadership rests in the ability to raise up the next generation of company leaders. Leaders are given the responsibility to educate and train the future influences in their organization. Many leaders I’ve worked work express challenges empowering teams to take initiative in the workplace. The basic concept involves having worker […]