Everyone Leads

You can be amazing leader! Not a great manager or profitable worker, but a powerleader leader of yourself and others. First you lead the charge of your own evolution in great person you can become. Then you've earned the right to be a leader of others.

Organizationally Driven

Focuses on organizational needs through addressing the individual role within the larger structure and specific team.

Growth Oriented

Develops leadership potential through creating a tangible path to refine innate skills and traits.

Holistically Centered

Propels character and integrity while fostering a healthy lifestyle, promoting long term viability.


Many organizations struggle allocating the necessary time to develop employees within the company. Managers struggle with the time and skills necessary to cultivate leadership abilities within individuals. Elmry specializes in launching the development of employees, elevating leaders to the next step in their career. Partnering with an outside organization, such as Elmry, creates the safety necessary for individuals to face hindrances to growth. When paired with knowledgeable and experienced coaches, individuals begin to blossom into the leader they desire to be.

Optimized leaders create powerful team cultures, leading to creative thought, collaborative initiatives, and increased productivity. Elmry aspires to partner with organizations to create a brighter tomorrow with leadership dialed into their skills and aware of their limitations, creating a culture where innovation abounds.

Our Clients


  • Chris' approach to coaching is genuine and transparent. He builds trust quickly and has a unique and effective way of balancing both the human and business side of coaching.

    Sara Thom, VP of Human Resources for Balfour Senior Living
  • As a head of Human Resources for a large firm, I see the traditional coaching model fall short time-and-time again. Chris' approach is unique and it works! I am grateful to have Chris as a guide to making me a better executive, and person as a whole.

    Bob Chapman, SVP for Brown and Caldwell
  • I felt out of alignment with the company leadership. What was seen as a lack of confidence on my part was, as I realized with coaching help, a deeper issue of security and feeling safe. This has been a lifelong issue for me. Allowing myself to be challenged resulted in a sense of freedom for me to move forward as a leader who is broadcasting a path forward – as opposed to the old paradigm of seeking permission. It was a simple but profound adjustment for me. In the end, the only shift was my self-view of being secure with my decision-making and leadership abilities.

    National Director

About Chris

I love helping people thrive in all aspects of life. For over 10 years I have worked with business leaders helping them develop the personal and professional traits necessary to become a true leader. Many see the potential within themselves or others, yet struggle to find the courage and path to become the desired leader. I walk beside individuals seeking the road less traveled, to take a true look at themselves to identify what traits need refined, face these truths, and create a path to growth. The challenging journey becomes the crucible where individuals grow from managers to leaders to influencers.



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